RSS NewsBytes
A very simple, free alternative to Google Reader

About RSS NewsBytes

RSS NewsBytes aggregates and displays headlines from a selection of major online news sources. It updates this selection hourly, and orders the headlines with the most recently published appearing first. Click on a headline and you will also find a short summary or excerpt from each associated article and a link to the original, complete article at it's source.

This site is intended as a very simple, easy to use, though severely pared down, replacement for those who relied on Google Reader primarily to scan the day's headlines at their convenience. Of course, it is also a useful tool for anyone who would like to quickly and easily scan headlines from a variety of news sources from the comfort of their computer, ipad, tablet, or smartphone.

The primary engine at work here is the magic of RSS feeds, which are made available by each of the valued news outlets selected for this site. Yes. It is kind of 'Old School', but still a great way to get your daily news fix ... and it is all absolutely free!

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